Can you train with 16oz gloves?

Are you an aspiring boxer that is curious about what kind of boxing gloves you should train with? If so, then you’ve most likely pondered the age-old question of whether you should use 16oz gloves for training? To ameliorate your understanding on this topic, you have arrived at the appropriate location. In this piece, we shall embark on a comprehensive analysis to ascertain whether engaging in training sessions with 16oz gloves is the optimal option tailored to your needs.

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1. What are 16oz Gloves?

When it pertains to safeguarding your hands and those in your vicinity, possessing the appropriate pair of gloves is of utmost importance. 16oz gloves, as a prevalent variant of boxing gloves, present an exemplary level of shielding and a pleasant ergonomic design. Below, we present you with vital information concerning these gloves:


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Provides ample padding and protection for your hands and those you’re sparring with
  • Offers superior grip and hand movement for a more comfortable boxing experience


  • Heavy and clumsy on the hands
  • Can cause excessive sweating
  • May reduce mobility and accuracy of punches

16oz gloves are an optimal choice for individuals in search of sturdy hand protection during sparring sessions. These gloves offer exceptional safeguarding and boast a comfortable design. Nevertheless, their size and weight can occasionally cause a slight inconvenience, possibly impinging on one’s punching agility. By comprehending both the advantages and disadvantages, it becomes evident that 16oz gloves present an exceptional option for those prioritizing comprehensive safety.

2. Do 16oz Gloves Enhance Training?

Choosing the appropriate gloves for your boxing training sessions can greatly impact the outcome of your workouts. Opting for 16oz gloves is a widely favored decision among both amateur and expert boxers, owing to their numerous advantages.

For starters, 16oz gloves provide higher protection than their lighter counterparts, making them a great choice for sparring sessions. Their greater weight also increases resistance, allowing your arms to better engage in the workout, strengthening your muscles and improving your endurance. Here are more benefits of 16oz gloves:

  • Greater surface area for cushion and finger protection
  • Allows natural movement of your hands
  • Reduces impact on your knuckles and wrists
  • Makes it easier to move and dodge punches

However, 16oz gloves can be slightly bulkier and harder to maneuver than other sizes, making them trickier to get used to. Plus, due to their heft, make sure you partner yourself up with someone of similar weight and size.

3. Making the Most of 16oz Gloves

When it comes to boxing, larger gloves aren’t always better. With the size of the gloves being limited to 16oz, it’s important to know how to handle them correctly – so you can get the most out of them.

To start with, it’s important to purchase the right gloves for your own hands.

Make certain that the hand coverings boast ample cushioning for a perfectly snug embrace. This not only guarantees your utmost comfort while undergoing vigorous exercises, but it also serves as an indispensable safeguard for your precious wrists, shielding them from potential harm and injury. Additionally, it’s a good idea to:

  • Opt for durable gloves with adequate ventilation.
  • Invest in a quality glove liners that wick away sweat.
  • Select the right amount of hand wraps to support your wrists and knuckles.

When it comes to technique, use your gloves wisely. Remember, 16oz gloves aren’t the same as 10oz ones – so you’ll need to adjust your technique accordingly. Whether it’s for striking or defence, remember to keep your hands loose in your gloves. Incorporating this technique into your routine will not only enhance your control over movements, but it will also boost your speed and agility.  As a rule of thumb, it’s always beneficial to use your gloves to their full potential.

4. Deciphering the Benefits of Training with 16oz Gloves

Many boxers or fighters are familiar with 16oz gloves, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Training with 16oz gloves can bring some excellent advantages, with some pitfalls to consider.

  • Added Sense of Security: Just wearing a pair of 16oz gloves provides a sense of security. Being able to absorb some of the impact of a punch can make it easier for a boxer to stay focused and plan a counterattack without worrying about a punch sending them to the canvas.
  • Conditioning: Sticking to the same weight of 16oz gloves can help condition a boxer’s hand and arm muscles, as well as increase the arm’s range of motion. This is perfect for fighters looking to increase their endurance for long training sessions.
  • Sparring: 16oz gloves are also generally accepted as the industry standard for sparring as they provide some essential protection than higher glove weights, while allowing enough movement to give boxers a safe and realistic experience.

The only downside to a pair of 16oz gloves is that there are a few that feature additional padding. If you’re accustomed to a certain type of glove, holding more padding can be distracting. As long as you train with them regularly, the benefits of 16oz gloves will far outweigh the occasional distraction.

Whether you find yourself in the nascent stages of your boxing journey or possess a wealth of experience as an adept pugilist, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the mass of your boxing gloves does not impede your progress towards achieving maximum pugilistic prowess. By meticulously attending to meticulous preparation and implementing rigorous conditioning, one can seamlessly acclimatize themselves to any magnitude of glove—regardless of whether it presents a contemporary predicament that necessitates an additional expenditure of exertion.

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